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The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas in Canarsie

An Offer You Can't Refuse

The Poems of Emily Dickinson Offer

PlanetCanadice's Tribute to Hunting Season
Strangers In Canadice

An Untold Story of Culinary Heroism in World War II
The Guns of Provolone

Season I of Bar Code
Bar Code 1
Bar Code 2

Season 2 of Bar Code

Bar Code 3
Bar Code 4

A Christmas Eve Recollection

Rubber, Forced Air, and a Musical Intention (from the 80s)
Squeaky Toy Etude

A Christmas Offer You Can't Refuse
The Amazing Keith Jarrett Christmas Offer

Action and Wild Adventure
Quantum Threat Matrix

Owl Call

Owl Call 2

Owl Call 3

Owl Call 11-20-2009

Caroline Gongs

Gong the Vibes

Exotica (July 4th, 2010)

Exotica (Part Two)

Exotica (Part Three)

Exotica (Part Four: Vibes and Drums)


Bad Day for Archie

Slouching in the Ultra Lounge



Improvisation on Detuned Hand Drums

Clarinet and Detuned Hand Drums

Clarinet, vibes, bass and drums

Marimba Improv Close Mics

WaveDrum Improvisation

Fourth of July of the Spirits (bass clarinet and drums)

Harry Partch Runs the Voodoo Down (wave drum and clarinet improvisation featuring One Bad Mother and Hiney Flowers)

Hybrid Drums Improvisation

Bach Plodding (stumbling my way through Bach)

You Can't See This on the Radio (July 4th, 2013 organic realization featuring One Bad Mother, Bell Girl, the Stellmeister, and Hiney Flowers. Oh Look Out!)

July 4th 2009

Marimba Mic Test

Clarinet Through Lexicon PC91

Percussion Improvisation: Chopsticks, Mallets, and Brushes

Prophet 12 Arpeggiator demo

Tom Toms with mallets and brushes

Tom Toms and Small gongs

Lloyd and Mark Run the Voodoo Down

Sequence of Mind

Go Ahead Lloyd

Metal and Wood

Sounds and Colors of a Night

A Word From Our Sponsor

Wacko Horn (Epic piece)

The Tragic Bossa (Jamming with Fred sometime in the 1980s)

Slumber, Slouch, and Groove (Jamming with Fred)

Fred's Waltz (Jamming with Fred)

Wormicidal Maniac (Jamming with Fred)

Pardon My French

The Ceremony

Morning Joy

Morning Joy (mp3)

Wail and Modulation (alto sax and Novation Peak synthesizer)

Wail and Modulation 2 (alto sax and synthesizer)

Wail and Modulation 3 (alto sax and synthesizer)

Thump (alto, brushes, and synth)

Wail 4 (alto sax and synthesizer)

Valley Stream Art Ensemble (March Loop)

Wanda Riffs on Superman
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