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Download this movie now and find out the truth about the Canadice Watershed!

Big Foot (revised)

The Giant Owl of Madagascar Download the Giant Owl of Madagascar and see one of Canadice's most exotic creatures.

Happy New Year 2007

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2002 Download this movie now and see how some bats in Canadice live a privileged life.

Mr. Happy Toe

The Valentine's Day Gift

Zombies of Canadice Find out the shocking truth about grave robbers from outer space by downloading this movie!

New Year's Celebration in Tuva, Mongolia, 2001. Relive the madness and joyous celebration with Jingi and Lung!

Swinging in the New Year 2006

Identify This Owl

Cute Owl on Deck

Owl Family

Owl by Driveway

Young Owls

Fox Coming Out of Barn

My Hot Hand Demo

The New Creature of Canadice

Godzilla (as you never saw it!)

Throb (Find out why the heart is a Lonely hunter)

Noh Theater of Love

Happy New Year 2015

High Falls Adventure

Baby's First Flight

Easter Blues

High Def Test

Woody N You

We are not infected

Fog in Valley

The All Seeing Eye

Christmas 2015

Some Drumming

Light and Water

Halloween 2016

Christmas 2023

July 3rd 2016 Recovered!

Lake Run

Nocturnal Visitor

Crash in Treetops

Post Crash

Dance of Michelle

Amorous Hawk

New Year 2018

watershed test

Seasonal Montage

World's Greatest Firework

Family Affair

Above the Fog

Geo Thermal Dig A (high definition)

Geo Thermal Dig B (lower definition)

Happy Halloween 2019

Christmas 2019

New Year 2020

Mink Marten or Fisher?

Identify these

Momma and Baby Bear

Halloween 2020: It's worse than the Pandemic!

Merry Christmas 2020

UFO (Unidentified Furry Object

Christmas 2021

Happy New Year 2022

Lightning Over Canadice lake 5-21-22

Halloween 2022

Survey 1

Survey 2

Halloween 2023

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